For such a time as this – Sending our Israeli team to the Ukrainian Border

For such a time as this - Sending our Israeli team to the Ukrainian Border

With war raging in Ukraine, we simply cannot remain indifferent to what is happening there. Especially when so many of us have roots, relatives, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ there.

Every one of us who loves Ukraine and are against this senseless and cruel war does what he can: someone take up weapons and joins the military efforts, someone transfers much-needed funds, someone picks up refugees from the borders, someone buys medicines and bulletproof vests, and sends them to Ukraine, some stand as prayer warriors, praying day and night.

Everyone does as much as possible.

We have been doing it as well, but we decided to go further.

We are sending a team from Beit Hallel congregation to the border between Ukraine and Moldova, where, unlike the Polish border where things have been better organized, currently things are stuck and people are struggling to get out.

There’s a genuine humanitarian crisis alongside the Ukrainian — Moldovan border, where our associate pastor Vasily’s mother is currently waiting to be rescued, as well as our leader Oleg’s mother-in-law and sisters-in-law, all waiting for a helping hand.

It’s a notoriously challenging border that hasn’t received as much aid and logistics as others but needs it just as much.

Our team flew out there last night to help Ukrainian refugees, Israeli citizens, and those who have the right to make Aliya (moving to Israel). Their goal is to help them cross the border, find a place for them overnight, feed them, transport them to where they need to go and help with everything and anything we can.

If you have a desire to take part in this operation and help our team with the rescue and humanitarian efforts at the Ukrainian border, it will be a bigger blessing than you know.

With Purim only a week away, we know that we were called for “such a time as this…