From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

Ukraine is facing an ongoing and ever-growing humanitarian crisis as the war continues. Knowing many of our brothers and sisters are currently there, enduring unimaginable conditions, we decided to send a team of eight to Ukraine, bringing the love and hope of Christ into the lives and hearts of the many enduring horrific conditions.

Due to the critical damage to civilian infrastructure, a large part of Ukraine lies in darkness and cold. The people are issued only three hours of electric power daily. We felt an urgency to deliver and install much-needed generators to provide electricity and heat in destroyed cities, as well as provide food supplies, blankets, comforters, bandages, and other crucial medical and winter supplies.

We visited local governments, homes, and orphanages, distributing supplies and asking, “how can we best help you.” Most of them told us that just our coming and offering help was a blessing to them. They had been feeling forgotten and abandoned.

One of the places we visited was a local Jewish synagogue. The Rabbi was very touched as we wept and prayed over the congregation. They shared their struggles as we ministered words of comfort and hope. He later told us, “The biggest help that truly touches people, especially Jewish people, is having teams from Israel coming to visit them, knowing they are not forgotten and encouraging them as they endure terrible hardships.”

We heard many stories that week as we passed out the much-needed supplies. Many shared their testimonies of miracles they witnessed and how God had protected them.  It was as if sharing their troubles, grief, and worries somehow helped relieve the burdens they had been carrying. As we listened and prayed for them, we saw that many opened their hearts to hear the good news of Jesus and receive the hope that can only be found in their Savior.

What a joy it was to serve the Lord by comforting His people. Please continue to pray for the Ukrainian people as they continue to endure the hardships pressed upon them by this war. 

Comfort, comfort my people,” says the Lord your God.” Isaiah 40:1