Full-scale war in Ukraine and an unprecedented refugee crisis

What is happening and what can you do to help?

As we sit to write you this update, the unthinkable is happening in the very heart of Europe, on Ukrainian soil. As close as only a 2.5-hour flight away from Israel, an unprecedented attack is taking place against Ukraine and its population at the hands of Russia. The scale of this full-blown war is absolutely horrifying, with every possible part of Ukraine being brutally invaded and attacked.

As believers in Yeshua, it is our duty to reach out a helping hand in turbulent times to those in need. The situation in Ukraine is absolutely horrifying, which in turn has created the biggest refugee crisis since World War II; with over 1 million people fleeing from war in Ukraine. As a global community, but especially as the body of Christ, there is so much we can do, help, restore, recover and rebuild in so many ways.

Our team is currently heading out of Israel towards the Ukrainian borders with Poland and with Moldova, where we are and have been working closely with local churches. There’s a need for volunteers that will help with the logistics of receiving refugees, providing immediate humanitarian aid and directing them to safety, while also working closely with the Jewish Agency that is bringing specifically Jewish refugees to Israel.

Currently there are thousands of Ukrainian Jews currently trying to make their way out of Ukraine making Aliyah to Israel.
The amount of Ukrainian Jews arriving in Israel every day is staggering, and they need our help!

The refugee crisis is real, with people fleeing with nothing more than a suitcase in their hand. Our team has been working around the clock both with the volunteers on the ground in Ukraine, as well as here in Israel, welcoming newly arriving Ukrainian Jewish refugees, such as the wonderful family with their 8 children pictured below. We met them here and immediately knew this is a real and imminent need. They were housed in a small apartment, yet it’s empty. They need literally everything you could imagine:

  • Beds
  • bedding
  • pillows
  • blankets
  • furniture (chairs, table, closet)
  • appliances
  • kitchenware (pots, pans, cutlery, dishes)

The list is long, the need is great. And this is only one family! There are thousands more arriving, and we need to be on the frontline for them after they had fled a terrible war. Please help us provide these families of Ukrainian Jewish refugees with the humanitarian supplies they need in their first days in Israel after having left everything behind.

Also, please help by supporting our teams on their way to the Ukrainian border with equipment and humanitarian aid to join the ground efforts geared towards helping fleeing Ukrainian refugees.

The time to help is now! Every day is important, and as we don’t know how long this crisis will last, we are preparing for the worst. However, this is our opportunity to reveal God’s love and shine His light in the midst of darkness as never before.

Please pray for Ukraine, for the protection of millions and millions of innocent civilians that are currently subject to ongoing bombings and military strikes. They do not have bomb shelters, many are forced to seek shelter in the subway or cold basements with small children in the middle of winter.

Pray for people’s salvation through it all, that in these desperate, most horrific and trying times, people will find Jesus as their only hope and salvation.

Pray for God’s hand over Ukraine as it is facing its darkest moments, that God’s grace and mercy will cover this nation that has such a great big amount of devoted believers of Yeshua. May His glory shine the brightest through this dark moment.

Pray and support today!