Future Investments

Future Investments

Bonding Youth Together

Summer can be a dangerous time for Israeli youth. With too much time on their hands and a lack of supervision, many young children either spend all day playing video games or out running the streets and getting into trouble. Parents are challenged with the burden of keeping their children occupied during the summer months while they must continue to work.

God has entrusted us with these precious young lives. It is foolish and irresponsible to assume we have all the time in the world when it comes to helping raise and build up our young ones. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven generation, we don’t have the luxury of hanging back. We must find a way to walk alongside them as they initiate their life journey. When we give them the essential tools and proper building blocks, we can mold and shape them into becoming the godly leaders that our world’s future needs.

Every summer, our congregation puts together a summer program that will not only keep these children busy and entertained but also enrich them with knowledge and amazing experiences. We want them to have the opportunity to experience an incredible season of knowing that life with the Lord is the ultimate adventure.

This year we are organizing a summer camp in the desert, where 50 children will spend an entire week together. Our remarkable teams of ministers have put together a fantastic program that includes prayer, worship, fun activities in nature, obstacle courses, musical nights under the desert sky, and time of fellowship and bonding with one another. Some of our youth will also be joining as part of the team of volunteers who will accompany these younger ones; leading them in worship and prayer. They will serve as guides and young mentors on this week-long adventure in the wilderness. This is sure to be an exciting and rewarding time for all involved.

To invest in children is to invest in the future. The kind of future we want to see greatly depends on what we will invest in the children today. Would you consider supporting this venture to see that our children are properly grounded in the Lord? They will be the ones who bring the Good News of Yeshua, their Messiah, to their generation.