Hanukkah – Yeshua Celebrated the Festival of Lights in Jerusalem

When we think about Yeshua celebrating Jewish Feasts in the Temple we hardly think about Hanukkah as being one of them, however, it is and it is written in John 10:22-27. Thinking about Hanukkah, the first thing that comes to mind is God’s blessing and His plan. What He is doing and saying to us even today through the amazing miracle of Hanukkah is relevant now more than ever. Jewish Feasts are divided into Festivals of the Lord, and then there are biblical feasts, like Hanukkah, that even though God didn’t command us to celebrate them, He did consider them very important for our identity as people of God. If it weren’t so, Yeshua wouldn’t have gone to Jerusalem to celebrate it. Yeshua was living in the Galilee (north of Israel) and in the wintertime He would always go up to Jerusalem to celebrate Hanukkah, taking the opportunity to teach, preach and do miracles, but also to release a very powerful message. Join Pastor Israel on the ancient streets of Jerusalem’s Old City where Yeshua walked and taught, and soak up the pre-Hanukkah atmosphere that will bless you with new knowledge, fill you with God’s Spirit and the joy of the Lord.