Hearts for Soldiers – From Children to Guardians of Israel

Hearts for Soldiers - From Children to Guardians of Israel

One of the most valuable aspects of being a pastor is that you get to see so many faces every week from the pulpit. The faithful and precious people who became friends and family to you, that have been a part of our journey for so many years. We get to see their children born and raised in the church, then grow up into amazing men and women of God. It is always touching to witness that and know you’re a part of their life, just like they are a part of yours.

So many of our young people at Beit Hall are a perfect example of that. We have been there to see them born and grow up into amazing young men and women of God, devoted to Yeshua since they were children. I’m honored I get to disciple this generation of amazing young Israelis that will carry on the torch of revival in the nation.

While in other countries turning eighteen means going off to college, here in Israel our reality is somewhat different. Our 18-year olds (both boys and girls) join the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and serve 3 years in the military. Admittedly, it is not easy to send our kids to the army, especially since they are drafted so young. However, it’s part of our lives here in Israel. It becomes their initiation, a rite of passage of a sort, very unique to the nation of Israel. Almost overnight, they go from being high school teenagers to defenders of this nation, those that don’t sleep at night guarding their nation, so that we can sleep soundly at night.

Beit Hallel is a congregation known for its strong youth ministry. God blessed us with amazing young people that currently serve in the IDF, our dear soldiers. They are fully involved in many aspects of congregational life, whether it is helping with our humanitarian relief projects, operating sound and audio systems for our Shabbat services, and even leading worship at our main services.

It has always been our goal to invest in our young ones, especially the soldiers, because their military service is a challenge that turns their life upside down and many times forces them to face the world that others don’t get to face at a young age of eighteen.

Our precious soldiers are our kids, our God-given legacy, the generation that is ushering revival in Israel. The responsibility they carry on their shoulders is immense, but so is the fire that God placed in their hearts.

Aside from the time, effort, talents, and love they invest into Beit Hallel’s ministry, we want them to feel that love and care in return, so that they learn early on that whatever they do for the Lord will always be honored.

Every month we bless our soldiers with a love token in the form of a gift card, which enables them to restock on some essentials they always need while in the military. We wish we could do and give them so much more in return for their service for the Lord, as well as the nation of Israel, but God will always take our seeds, honor them and multiply them for His glory.

If your heart is passionate about blessing our Messianic soldiers who are currently active duty, join our “Hearts for Soldiers” project by donating today. A gift of only $60 will bless one soldier this month. It takes very little to make a big difference in someone’s life.