VOJI Humanitarian Projects Overview

One of our most important goals at Voice of Judah Israel is to provide care and sustenance to poor, needy and broken individuals in Israeli society. We aim to to bring lasting change in the lives of those in need, to restore dignity to those who are downcast, and to meet the practical everyday needs of all those who come to us for help. The ones we assist come to us in extreme lack and need, and we welcome them, show them love, encourage them and provide them with food hampers, quality clothes, warm blankets, and household appliances.

We are always looking at strategies to become even more relevant and effective in Israeli society as a non-profit organization, and to expand our reach to touch the lives of many more Israelis in need. The financial contributions of our precious partners and friends enable us to achieve all these goals, and with their continued help we will be able to help more and more Israelis in need.

We are currently conducting weekly projects from our distribution centre to provide clothing, bedding, non-perishable food items and household products to more than 500 families among which the majority of people are Jewish refugees from the war-torn Ukraine, Holocaust Survivors, World-War 2 veterans, single mothers and widows, and impoverished children. 

We are also conducting monthly outreach projects where we take busses full of non-believers on sight-seeing tours of the holy places in Jerusalem to where Yeshua ministered and walked. This provides a wonderful platform to share about the Jewish roots of Yeshua and the salvation message that he preached.

In addition we are conducting frequent Ukrainian Refugee Projects where we host new Jewish immigrants from the Ukraine to a lovely evening featuring a music concert, sharing of the Word of God, enjoying nice food and the distribution of care packages containing food, bedding and household items for an entire month.

Taking care of the children is very important to us, and our Back-To-School project is extremely popular as we equip less-privileged children with stationary, text books and equipment that they need to start the new school semester successfully.

During the Jewish holidays, we organize a massive events where hundreds of people get together at our congregation to enjoy a hearty meal together, and where large food hampers are distributed to enable these dear ones to enjoy the holidays with abundance and dignity! We also compile and send care packages containing treats and delicious food items to Israeli soldiers over the Jewish holidays when many of them cannot be home for the holidays.”

Thank you so much to each and every friend and partner of Voice of Judah Israel who has stood with us in prayer and support! Your help allows us to press on with the vision that God gave us to reach out to the broken and needy among Israeli society with physical and spiritual sustenance, and to share the love of Yeshua to every man, woman and child in Israel.Thank you for being a blessing to the nation of Israel!

Yours in Yeshua (Jesus),

Pastor Israel Pochtar

Back-to-School Humanitarian Project – Sept 2018

Another project that marked a wonderful moment in our action-packed month of August. We brought 200 kids together with their parents to take part in a special project we had organised. There was a special entertainment program for kids that they really enjoyed, as well as a special screening on an animated version of the story of King David. It was so precious to see both kids and their parents completely captivated watching that story.  

It’s one of the many creative ways we employ to reach people with God’s message. And our humanitarian projects are one major tool for that. We have seen firsthand how much it has made a difference for these precious people, the help they receive, the care and love they experience behind those act of kindness that your generosity helps us show them. Nothing goes unnoticed and there’s no greater blessing that to know you have become someone’s answered prayer. 

During the outreach we gave out 200 backpacks to underprivileged children, as well as additional gift card to purchase school supplies, which can be very pricey, especially for newly immigrated families who have so little to begin with and are trying to make ends meet. Which is why every small seed helps, every effort counts. When you see how little people have, you realize that even the smallest seed can make a very big difference. 

I just want you to know how much we appreciate you, your prayers and love. It sustains us and our work in more ways than you know. 


Pastor Israel Pochtar

Food Project – Aug 2018

Humanitarian work expanding to new cities! – June 2018

Recently we were contacted by officials from the city of Ashkelon who inquired about our humanitarian work, and if we were able to take on some more families in need, specifically among new immigrants who were really struggling. 

It has aways been our passion and vision to expand our humanitarian work as much as possible, while helping as many as we can. It’s part of our mission and we fully rely on God to supply the resources for that. 

We came to Ashkelon, met with the officials as well as with some families. It was such a wonderful and open meeting, that we felt God was leading us to expand our humanitarian work further by opening wide doors for us in the city of Ashkelon.  

The growth continues, in our humanitarian outreach and the number of people we’re now helping on regular basis and in great part it is thanks to your generous support and love. 

These are people that struggle to make ends meet, that have returned to their ancient home land, are adapting to a completely new and different life, with no language and heaps of obstacles on their path. I believe God has placed us in Israel during this time to actively care for our people, love them, lead them to God and raise up more and more disciples in the land of Israel – all part of a revival that has already begun! 

If you haven’t joined hands with us yet, prayerfully consider supporting one of these families, or as many as you feel led to, by giving:

$20 for one monthly food hamper for 1 family

$100 that will help us feed 5 families a month, 

$1,000 that will help a small community of 50 families… 

…or as much as you feel led to sow, no gift is too small. 

Every seed brings fruit, and we are thankful for the opportunity to be your hands that feed the poor in Israel. 

Humanitarian Projects for Shavuot – May 2018

Alongside our preparations for our Shavuot evangelism, we were also gearing up for a special humanitarian outreach where we distributed special food and care-packages to over 600 families and children. 

Thanks to believers who were passionate about generously blessing newly immigrated families, we arranged an amazing care-package for 120 families who literally came to Israel with next to nothing but the clothes on their backs. 

A dear friend of our ministry, Tod McDowell and his team came especially to bless 100 additional families and Holocaust survivors, and people were so touched to see their smiling faces as they lovingly handed each one of them their care-packages. 

For us it is such an invaluable opportunity to be the hands through which believers from the nations just like you can bless the people of Israel. 

This special care-package included: a fan (Israeli summers are known to be unbearably difficult, especially for those living in small apartments), kettle, bedding, pillows, toaster, iron, as well as other house essentials. They were designed and put together taking into consideration these families’ needs and people were so overwhelmed and grateful for such a tremendous blessing. 

The goal was to bless these families, many of whom are newly immigrated to Israel and are living in very difficult circumstances.

Things that those of us who have the privilege of owning without even thinking about it, many families struggle daily even without those simple basic things when they start their new life in a new country. 

We hear these stories over and over again, how people had to leave everything behind, came to Israel with no money, barely any belongings, they manage to find and rent tiny apartments somehow and literally move into an empty home. Which is why these practical humanitarian projects are important, to help provide people with even the very basic things. 

We encourage you to prayerfully consider sowing into these projects, helping bless one or several families, according to your heart. 

No gift is ever too small, because the biggest trees grow from the smallest seeds. 

Special Passover Relief Project – April 2018

We had arranged a special Passover relief project for families of new immigrants, right before the holiday. It was a special night, because many of these families were celebrating Passover for the first time in the Land of Israel.

Special care packages were gifted to each family, while we shared about the meaning of Passover, what took place 3000 years ago when God took the nation of Israel out of Egypt, just as He took them out of their country and brought them back to their home land of Israel.

We are so thankful to so many caring and loving friends of our ministry who were so eager to bless these precious people and put a smile on their face during such a special time of year here in Israel.