Israel faces new wave of terrorist attacks:
Why Israel needs your prayers during Ramadan

Israel faces new wave of terrorist attacks

Terror has raised its ugly head once again as Israel has been facing a murderous wave of terrorist attacks in the recent weeks, with 4 attacks carried out already, killing 13 Israelis, and injuring dozens more.

The most recent attacks carried out last night in Tel Aviv outside a busy coffee shop where a Palestinian terrorist began shooting everywhere, killing two young Israeli men who grew up together, were best friends and died together.

With many more injured Israelis currently fighting for their lives in the hospital after this brutal terrorist attack, we are horrified the ease with which these attacks take place.

The security forces warned that Israel might be facing an escalation with more terrorist attempts, as the Muslim world has entered its month of Ramadan, — which is always an extremely tense season here in Israel, precisely because of so many threats to destabilize our already delicate and volatile reality.

Security forces in Israel have been working around the clock to prevent terrorist attacks, successfully thwarting dozens already in the first week. Which is an indicator of just how explosive the situation currently is, and how much Israel needs your prayers!

We know the enemy plots against God, and there are many attacks being planned. Israel needs your prayers to uncover the plans of the enemy and protect the nation from any further possible attacks.

Pray for God’s grace and protection for our nation during this very challenging season!