Israel News Update and Prayer Requests

Israel News Update and Prayer Requests

Throughout history, Israel has never been more divided as a nation than right now. It is alarming as it is threatening to Israel’s very existence. 

Israel is facing many challenges on a global scale, enemies all around its borders, security threats within and out, and now it has been thrust into a chaotic political crisis that is spiraling out of control and is tearing Israeli society apart. 

Regardless of sides, affiliations, or political opinions, as believers, we must remain firmly focused on ensuring we are on God’s side in all things, remembering our focus is on His plans and purposes and not trying to make Him a part of ours. 

This is why watching the ongoing events unfolding in Israel puts us on high alert as believers. We need to pray as never before for unity and wisdom for our government as they make the decisions that have the power to alter the course of history. 

One of the possible legislations the current ultra-right-wing government is considering is completely banning and prohibiting sharing the Gospel in Israel (click here to see the article on

Regardless of people’s sentiments towards certain subjects, we can all agree that freedom cannot be negotiated. It is our God-given fundamental right. Freedom of faith, worship, and speech. All of which stand to be trampled if such laws pass in a democratic state. 

Israel heavily relies on dear friends from the nations that love this country, its land, and her people. We cannot imagine a reality where there would be laws in place that would not only prohibit us from practicing our faith in Yeshua as fellow Israelis but that our dear Christian friends from the nations wouldn’t feel welcome anymore in Israel. 

The month of Ramadan is quickly approaching, and it is a time that is always volatile and combustible. We are seeing a current escalation in security threats, terrorist attacks, and rising religious tensions among Israel’s enemies who are trying to take advantage of its inner conflicts and division — Israel needs your prayers as never before! 

These are crucial times we live in, where history is written before our eyes. Knowing God’s promises and plans for His people, we must stand firm as Watchmen on the Walls of Jerusalem and pray for the peace of this nation. 

I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night.

Isaiah 62:6

Please pray with us for UNITY, as well as WISDOM for our current government in this decisive season.