Joining Hands with God – Being Part of the Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy

When you support Aliyah and new immigrants returning to Israel, you are actively supporting the fulfillment of biblical prophecies.

See, I will bring them from the land of the north and gather them from the ends of the earth.

Jeremiah 31:8

Currently, the biggest number of Olim (new immigrants) returning to Israel come from Eastern European region, which geographically is considered the northern part of the world.

Such is the case with this amazing group of young families that had the opportunity to arrive in Israel on a special program, to get acquainted with the Land and find their roots here. What happened next is a common thing for most people that come here: they absolutely fell in love with Israel. They felt a sense of belonging like never before.

There’s a reason why God says He will “bring BACK” his people, because they were here before and this is their return to their ancient homeland.

Naturally, the challenges they will face are great, as expected. But the knowledge that God to this day is regathering His people in His Land, and both you and I, we get to be His partners in this work, supporting the Olim; from where you are to here in Israel through practical assistance, which is largely due to your amazing generosity that keeps this work going.

These are the faces of upcoming Olim that in the next few months will uproot themselves, move to Israel and strike new roots in their ancient homeland once again. Just as God had promised. And you get to be a part of it!

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