Ksenia’s Story

Ksenia’s Story

Ksenia is a young mother who made aliyah to Israel along with her husband and 3 children from Vladivostok. We met them through our humanitarian projects, which they regularly attended due to their desperate need for help. Her husband worked but still struggled to get on his feet, and she stayed home to care for her small kids. At some point, she fell into a deep depression, to such a degree that she grew tired of life.

We invited Ksenia to our women’s meeting without even knowing she was struggling with severe depression. During the women’s meeting, she heard things that penetrated her heart and shined a light into the dark corners of her life.

She soon began attending one of our home groups. On her first visit to the home group, she confessed: “I came here looking for answers, and I need you to pray for me.” We are happy to report Ksenia received Yeshua into her heart on her 40th birthday.

Ksenia came to life after her salvation and is now on fire for the Lord. She and her husband now regularly attend one of our home groups and are eager to learn more about God and His word. She has also started volunteering and helping at the congregation.

That is what our follow-up work, as well as humanitarian outreaches, are all about. It’s about reaching people we wouldn’t be able to reach any other way.

Ksenia’s story is one of many that testify to our work among Israel’s broken and desperate. It’s so important to care for these people, to build a bridge between the moment they hear the Gospel and the moment they make a conscious decision to come to the congregation and walk with God.