Leading the Future

Leading the Future

Experiencing God in the Desert

He was having a hard time adjusting and had felt lost since arriving in Israel. This was the heartbreaking story of one of the young boys who attended our Summer Kids Desert Camp this year. “David” was a new refugee and had been struggling to fit in. Our group of young volunteers embraced him and other kids like him, making him feel welcome, accepted, and loved for the first time since his family moved here.

Giving young kids who were not raised in church or in a believing family the opportunity to experience the love of God in a unique way is something that is worth investing in. When kids feel the love of God for the first time in their lives, and we get to be the vessels from which His love is poured, we know are doing the work of the Lord.

This year, we sent about 50 kids to a Desert Camp that was organized just for them. Knowing most of them come from troubled backgrounds, broken homes, and many of them are Ukrainian refugees that have lived through unimaginable circumstances — it was obvious they needed to experience the depth of God’s love in a powerful way. 

Teaming up with a Leadership foundation created by a VOJI Board member, we put together an exciting and dynamic international group of young adults, eight from the U.S. and four from Mexico, to assist in this incredible adventure. This foundation’s goal is to equip young people with leadership skills and international experience by allowing them to be of assistance to the Beit Hallel Congregations throughout Israel in their various projects.

This amazing team of twelve young adults, along with the youth team volunteers from Beit Hallel, took these kids to the desert for three days of camping and fun activities designed to create a hunger to know more about God. Our team built a wonderful program that included prayer, worship, fun activities in nature, obstacle courses, musical nights under the desert sky, and times of fellowship with each other. During this time, our volunteers poured into these kids, guiding and mentoring them to understand the love God has for each one.

It was an amazing and life-changing camp that left a mark on many of their young lives. There were so many beautiful testimonies of kids that came from complicated situations that were very resistant to hearing anything about God. In fact, they said they didn’t believe in anything. By the end of this camp, their hearts were opened, and they began to understand God’s desire to know them individually.

For our youth that selflessly volunteered to lead these kids in camp, this was a perfect lesson in discipleship and the transformative power it holds. Deep friendships were formed through this international collaboration by both the teams that volunteered and the children that attended. It was a very emotional day when the time came to say goodbyes. Tears were shed by all, and promises were made to continue their friendships despite the distances. It was wonderful to see that God had created lasting relationships that would resonate throughout the world.

We will continue investing in our young ones because the fruit they bear is all the proof we need that they are the best investment of our God-given resources. Thank you for your support of Voice of Judah Israel and the work we do in Israel. Together, we can make a difference!