Lena’s Testimony – A Search for Peace

At our recent Ukrainian refugee group meeting, our team spent time with several Ukrainian refugees and families living through some of the most challenging seasons of their lives. Struggling to adapt to their new lives in Israel after escaping the terrors of war, they seemed lost and looking for a lifeline to help them navigate through the difficulties they were facing in their new lives.

Our team met with about 18 families and found them very open to the Gospel and willing to share their stories and burdens. Among some of the people we spoke to was a woman named Lena, who had come from Bucha in Ukraine, a town that was hit hard by the Russian invasion. She was overcome with sorrow and grief. As tears ran down her face, she shared her tragic story and told us all she wanted now was to find some peace.

We comforted her and shared the good news of the Gospel of Yeshua. She listened intently and had many questions concerning her faith. We did our best to answer her questions and assured her that if she put her faith in Jesus, she would find the peace she was seeking.

We then offered to pray with her, which she gladly accepted. Before she left, we gave Lena her very first Bible and shared some guidelines on how to effectively study the Word of God. We also encourage her to connect with one of our local home groups and join us for our Shabbat services. She was so happy to hear that and said that she was looking forward to it!