Let Israel Pray for You!

Let Israel Pray for You!

Pastor Israel and his team would like to pray for you! We want to know what is burdening your heart. Together we will bring it to the Lord in His Holy Land! The team frequently goes to the desert to pray, but this month we will be going to Mt. Zion.

The team have dedicated the entire month of August to 24/7 prayer. For the first two weeks their network of prayer warriors will stand as watchmen and spiritual guardians, praying and interceding for the nation of Israel.

The last two weeks of this month will be devoted to praying for YOU and all our international friends. This is the time for us to engage in intercessory prayer from Mt. Zion for you, your loved ones, your church, community, and nation.

Send us your prayer requests, which your brother and sister in Israel will personally bring before the Lord on your behalf.

Allow us to intercede on your behalf and bring you and your needs before the throne of God!