Lev and Alla – The Lost are found!

We met Lev and Alla during one of our street evangelism outings. They shared with us that they were new Jewish immigrants from St. Petersburg, Russia, where they used to work at theaters and had a passion for working with children with disabilities. After spending some time getting to know them, we invited them for a follow-up meeting at our congregation, which they accepted.

Upon their arrival, we sat down together in our lounge to drink a few cups of hot apple cider and talk. We shared the story of Hanukkah and Christmas, how it connects to Yeshua and God’s great plan of salvation for humankind, and how it was prophesied in the Bible.

As it turned out, they were very open to the Gospel and asked many questions about the Gospel and salvation. Afterward, we invited them to pray with us to receive Yeshua, to which they gladly agreed. At the time, we were unaware that Ella’s throat had been quite sore. Immediately after receiving the Lord, she proclaimed that her throat had been healed. She was no longer in any pain. Hallelujah! Lev also confessed with joy that he had been filled with a peace he had never experienced before. 

Please pray for Lev and Alla as we continue to disciple them and move them along the path God has designed for them. The Angels rejoice as the lost sheep come home, and their names are added to the Lambs’ Book of Life. Thank you for supporting our ministry and being a part of God’s beautiful plan of redemption!