Lida’s Story

Lida's Story

We recently had a very blessed time visiting with a dear lady called Lida. She had been in touch with us and had occasionally attended our Shabbat services, but had not yet committed herself fully unto the Lord. During our last conversation on the phone, I could tell that something had changed in her voice. Lida admitted to me that she would like our follow-up team to come and visit her, as she felt that she was ready to move forward in her relationship with God.

As we knocked on her front door, we heard a woman’s voice yell loudly from within. Lida suddenly opened the door with a big smile on her face. She was also busy adjusting the hearing aids that she was wearing, as Lida was completely deaf in one ear, and partially deaf in the other ear.

We sat down with Lida and enjoyed fellowship over a few cups of tea. We asked Lida how her family was getting along, and she shared that her two daughters and five grandchildren were doing well in Israel. She admitted that life for new Jewish immigrants in Israel can be hard, but that God’s mercy and grace are always sufficient.

We shared the Word of God with Lida, and the Lord had led us specifically to Isaiah 53. As we read the scriptures with Lida and shared more deeply on the meaning of the prophet Isaiah’s words, we felt that the Lord was touching Lida’s heart. We then prayed together, and asked the Lord to open the eyes of Lida’s heart, so that she might gain a deeper understanding of the work that Jesus did on the cross and what it meant for her.

As soon as we said “Amen,” Lida exclaimed that she was ready to receive the Lord! She said that the Lord was busy speaking to her at that moment and that the time had come for her to repent of her sins and to receive His free gift of salvation. Together with Lida, we prayed the prayer of repentance, and Lida was born again. She was crying tears of relief as she shared how overwhelming joy and peace were flooding her being. Lida had come home to the Lord!

Lida also told us that she was ready to start attending our Shabbat meetings regularly and that she looked forward to joining a home group. Since our visit, Lida has also enrolled for our Aleph Discipleship Course and has steadily been growing in her faith and knowledge of the Word of God. We praise God for the wonderful work that He has done in Lida’s life. She’s been born again and her life would never be the same again. Hallelujah!