Lighting the Way – Women’s Fellowship Meetings

Lighting the Way – Women’s Fellowship Meetings

Unexpected Encounters with God

Only God could bring 22-year-old Vika and 55-year-old Shoshana together at the same spiritual intersection in life. They have different needs and interests, yet a divine appointment birthed this new friendship.

Vika and Shoshanna had come to our monthly meeting expecting to hear testimonies, and receive encouragement from other women just like them. These two women hadn’t come expecting to hear about God or to receive prayer, but those became the defining moments of this experience for them. Both women were overwhelmed with emotion and weeping because of this special time together.

This group of women, all from all different ages and walks of life, thought they were in for an ordinary night of fellowship and girl talk at our last monthly meeting. However, God showed up and met them at this crossroad. They were blessed by a remarkable encounter with the Lord, as well as each other.

Our monthly women’s meetings have become such a lighthouse for so many ladies. Those attending have been blessed by their times together and have started inviting their colleagues, friends, and relatives to attend with them. Even the unsaved women see the tremendous value and power in this fellowship time with other women. We are so excited to see our group growing each month! What a joy it is to watch these women become eager to spend time together, and with the Lord.

“God is within her, she will not fail.

Psalm 46:5

We are fully committed to supporting this tremendous growth in our meetings as we see God ministering to these women right in their present circumstances. We know more women will continue to come who have never learned of the redemptive grace of Yeshua and we are prepared to welcome them with open arms. Please give to our women’s ministries so we can continue to provide these unexpected encounters to this special group of women of all ages.