Marina’s Testimony

Marina's Testimony

During one of our recent visits to another of Ashdod’s old-age homes, we went to pay a visit to a dear lady with whom we’ve been in regular communication and with whom we prayed once weekly, named Sveta.

As we were spending time with Sveta, a gentleman whom we’ve come to know, Boris, also came by to ask for prayer for his health. We were glad to pray for him, and even more so when he brought his nurse with him to meet us. Her name was Marina.

She joined us as we shared the Gospel message, spoke about the love of God, and salvation through faith in Jesus. We prayed for a number of people who joined us during that time. At the end, Marina also asked for prayer for her health.

Marina had heard and received the Gospel message into her heart as we shared it, and shortly after the meeting, she told us that she was ready to receive Jesus. We prayed the prayer of salvation with her and also prayed for her healing. Marina was so excited about the newness of life that she had received in Jesus’ name and she described that a peace had come over her that she had never experienced before.

We invited her to join us for our Shabbat services and to join our home group at the old-age home where she worked. Please pray with us for Marina to become strong in her faith and to grow ever closer to Yeshua!