Maxim’s Story – A New Beginning

Maxim’s Story – A New Beginning

A while ago, our team met with a man called Maxim and his parents whom we met at one of our humanitarian projects aimed at helping new Jewish immigrants in the land. Maxim has disabilities and makes use of a wheelchair. We were told that he had jumped from a window a while back, though the circumstances weren’t made clear. We didn’t ask why or what events had prompted him, but it was clear that he was depressed.

We began sharing our testimonies with him, explaining how God had helped us get through difficult circumstances and how we were ultimately saved and delivered from the curse of sin and death. We continued to share the Gospel message with Maxim and offered him hope and encouragement from the Word of God. He was attentive, and we could see the Holy Spirit moving upon him.

We then asked Maxim if he would like to pray the prayer of repentance and receive Jesus as His Lord and Savior. He nodded in agreement, saying that this was what he believed he needed. We all joined hands and prayed the prayer of repentance with Maxim with simple and humbled hearts. After we had prayed, we could see that joy and peace had flooded the faces of Maxim and his mother.

Maxim was very grateful, and seeing the change that had come over him was extraordinary. It was evident in his eyes that He had been born again. We continued sharing and encouraging them for a while. We invited them to join our home groups program and to visit us for our Shabbat services, to which they gladly agreed. 

We know that this new beginning is a gift from God for Maxim and his parents. We thank God for His AMAZING GRACE that makes ALL things new!