To love God
is to love His people

Four Ministries: One Heart

We love Israel


To love God is to love his people.


Voice of Judah is an effective and impactful leader in a land that is being awakened and we are witnessing revival in the making.

Our vision is to reach the lost sheep of the house of Israel with the Good News of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) their Messiah.

Evangelism in Israel is a demanding task, often met with direct opposition from the leaders of the religious community. Deeply entrenched in the old covenant, it is difficult to get them to open their hearts to hear the Gospel of Jesus and receive His mercy and grace. We must employ creative ways to open that door.

Our passionate team of evangelists and volunteers work together to create exciting and entertaining events that will engage the non-believer while sharing who Christ is, His character, and His wonderful plan of redemption.

Ways we show God’s love and impact lives are through:

  • Festive evangelistic events
  • Historical guided tours
  • Youth events, outings, camps, and conferences
  • Discipleship courses
  • Courses based on Biblical principles
  • Bible studies, small home groups, and home visits

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The journey does not end when the new believer accepts Jesus into their heart, it has only just begun!

We are committed to walking alongside them to help build strong foundations and receive a deeper understanding of how much they need Jesus as their Savior.

Following closely on the heels of our evangelism efforts, we encourage our new believers to join our “Foundations of Faith” class teaching them the basics about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as well as teaching how to hear God’s voice. We provide additional classes for families based on biblical principles that help them be better equipped to deal with daily life decisions.

Also, we encourage new believers to make connections through small groups, building and lifting one another up in their new walk. Meeting weekly for fellowship, often in one another’s homes, they forge loving and lasting relationships that last a lifetime. By walking this life TOGETHER, we become a family… a Family of and for God!

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We are “the hands and feet” of Jesus in the Land of Israel, providing aid and comforting those in need, regardless of race or religion.

Our distribution center provides food, clothing, bedding, household goods, appliances, medical assistance, and other necessities to over 2,500 Israelis each month. This number is growing daily, and we make every effort to meet the needs as they do.

We are also “boots on the ground” in times of crisis, organizing teams of volunteers, providing shelter, food, medical supplies, and most importantly, comforting and supporting all who need us. Our team of tender-hearted volunteers share their love, and often their tears, as they show the “Love of Christ” to those in need.

People we help include:

  • New Jewish immigrants
  • Refugees and those seeking to make Aliyah
  • Low-income families
  • Widows and Orphans
  • Single mothers and children in need
  • Holocaust Survivors
  • WWII Veterans

Be the hands and feet of Jesus by providing financial aid to those in need in the Land of Israel.

Planting Congregations

Planting congregations, like planting seeds in a garden, are vital to the Kingdom of God.

This is not an easy task in Israel, a culture where Christians are often persecuted and shunned by the same religious leaders who persecuted our Savior.

Pastor Israel and his team, led by the Holy Spirit, have planted the first Messianic congregation in Ashdod, Israel. In a city with over 400 Jewish synagogues, history is being made. This Congregation has been the training ground and launching platform of six other congregations with more in the works.

It is our hope and prayer to bring more messianic congregations to Israel, where believers in Jesus will attend services, pray, worship, and become equipped for the essential work of God!

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