We are “the hands and feet” of Jesus in the Land of Israel, providing aid and comforting those in need, regardless of race or religion. Our distribution center provides food, clothing, bedding, household goods, appliances, medical assistance, and other basic necessities to over 2,500 Israeli’s each month. This number is growing daily, and we make every effort to meet the needs as they do.

We are also “boots on the ground” in times of crisis, organizing teams of volunteers, providing shelter, food, medical supplies, and most importantly, comforting and supporting all who need us. Our team of tender-hearted volunteers share their love, and often their tears, as they show the “Love of Christ” to those in need.

People we help include:

·  New Jewish immigrants

·  Refugees and those seeking to make Aliyah

·  Low-income families

·  Widows and Orphans

·  Single mothers and children in need

·  Holocaust Survivors

·  WWII Veterans

Be the hands and feet of Jesus by providing financial aid to those in need in the Land of Israel. You can give directly to our humanitarian aid ministry by clicking here.