Moving Forward on Faith! – New Sanctuary Update

Moving Forward on Faith! – New Sanctuary Update

2023 is here, and we firmly believe it’s going to be a productive and blessed year! We are super excited about everything that the Lord has in store for you, for us, and for our new building. 

Even though the new year has only just arrived, significant changes have already been made to our new building. The interior decorating plans have been drawn up, and the process of turning an empty shell into something beautiful has already begun. The Lord has blessed us with an excellent interior designer who has come up with some fabulous ideas that we can’t wait to reveal to you! 

The process of installing security doors and grates to securely store and organize our humanitarian goods has also been started. These measures will provide not only security but also protect the humanitarian goods in storage against elements like rain, dust, and heat.

Although we are making fantastic progress, there are many updates and features that still need funding to move forward. If you feel that you are being led to support this project, then please have a look at the remaining costs that we’re standing in faith for:

Stage Construct and Rigging$19,520
Acoustic Sound Tiles$27,404
Interior Construction, Paint, and Decor$56,200
Sanctuary Seating (400 chairs)$34,616
Total Remaining:$137,740

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this vital mission of preparing the first-ever Christian-owned building in Ashdod and establishing a home base from which to send out evangelists, raise up pastors, equip believers, and plant new congregations in Israel. 

Visit our donate page to invest in Israel’s revival and spiritual restoration and be a part of God’s plan to reconcile His people to His Son, Yeshua Hamashiach!

Thank you, and God bless!