Nadia and Vera’s Testimony

Nadia and Vera's Testimony

Our follow-up team recently met with Rivka at Ashdod’s Gimel retirement home. She had been in touch with us for a while through our outreach projects, and she had also been in touch with a lady from our congregation.

She had made aliyah from Moldova, along with her two children who now live in Afula in the north of Israel. As we’ve been building a relationship with her, the Lord had been touching her heart and Rivka was developing a hunger for the word of God. During our most-recent visit, Rivka told us that she felt the time had come for her to commit herself fully to Yeshua and to receive Him as her Lord and Savior.

We asked Rivka to join us in prayer, and with tears in her eyes, she prayed the prayer of salvation. She experienced the touch of the Lord, and she testified that a peace and calm had washed over her as she received the Lord.

This past week she moved up to her children in Afula and as she was keen on continuing her Bible studies, we connected her with a local congregation in the area.