Naomi finishes her Race with the Lord waiting for her at the Finish Line

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7

When Naomi and Igor first heard her diagnosis, they knew she would be in for the fight of her life. The doctors gave her 6 months, Naomi didn’t settle for that, and her faith carried her 2 more years, to her doctors’ astonishment. It was a difficult battle, one that Naomi fought like a lioness, never once doubting God’s goodness and grace on her life.

She knew that it wasn’t about believing in order to receive your miracle, it was about believing regardless!

Our unconditional faith is much like God’s unconditional love, it doesn’t depend on external circumstances, because its foundation is God’s goodness.

One of Naomi’s passions was running. She was an amazing marathon runner with incredible stamina. She knew what it took to not only run a race but to complete it. Early Saturday morning Naomi finally completed her race on earth, she saw Yeshua receiving her at the finish line, took His loving hand, and went Home with Him.

She left this earth just like she lived; with peace, grace, filled with love, setting an example of endurance and faith until the end.

At her funeral, her father touched our hearts so deeply when he spoke of his beloved daughter Naomi, saying how she made Israel and this nation her own people. “We named her Naomi, but we should’ve named her Ruth instead because she lived as Ruth. Making Israel her home and the people of Israel her people.” He spoke about how she never once complained about this country, even when she had to take her two small children and run for shelter when sirens were blaring and rockets were exploding. Naomi never spoke badly about the country that God called her to and one that adopted her as her own.

Her husband Igor is experiencing tremendous grief, which is accentuated by the fact that he had already lived through one loss when his first wife died in a car accident, leaving him with 5 small children. Naomi was his comfort from the Lord, she was God’s key that opened Igor’s heart again after a terrible loss. They formed a beautiful and loving family and were raising two small children of their own.

Having to face this loss once again, at the age of 54 with two small children who lost their beloved mother is unspeakably hard for Igor, as well as the entire family right now, and we pray for the Lord’s loving comfort and peace that transcends all understanding to fill their heart at this time.

If you know Igor or Naomi and their family, and wish to support them in any way, it would be a great blessing at this time for the Shraybman family. (Make sure to note it is “for Shraybman Family”)

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