Nikolai’s Story

Nikolai is a recent immigrant and refugee from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, whose home was destroyed in the bombing of his city, causing him to flee to Israel for safety.

He recently came to our humanitarian distribution center, hoping to receive help with his practical needs. He was curious about who we are and why we do what we do. Our team sat down with him and shared about our heart for the lost. We also shared about forgiveness in Jesus and how God is fulfilling His prophecy by gathering the Jewish people from the nations.

Nikolai was very blessed by our words and asked many questions about Salvation in Jesus. We offered him a Bible, which he took and pressed close to his heart. With tears falling from his eyes, he confessed that he had always had a desire to know God.

He admitted that he needed Yeshua and wanted to know how to get saved. We explained to Nikolai that He only needed to receive the free gift of God with faith. We prayed the prayer of repentance with Nikolai, and a blessing for his brand new journey with Christ started right there and then. Praise the Lord!