Old-Age Home Testimonies

Our team visited a local old-age home on two recent occasions to celebrate Hanukkah with a group of senior citizens with whom we’ve been cultivating friendships. We shared with them about the significance of Hanukkah to them as Jews and how Jesus is the fulfillment of this holiday. All of those in attendance listened very attentively and were in awe of the Word of God.

As we spoke to the group, one elderly woman named Sara, suddenly experienced a touch from the Holy Spirit and started weeping. She expressed her desire then and there to pray the prayer of repentance and to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

At this meeting, there was also an elderly woman named Svetlana, whom we met quite recently, and she stood out as a very special lady with the call of God on her life. She was very open to the Gospel and prayed the prayer of repentance. All in all four senior citizens gave their hearts to the Lord at these two Hanukkah meetings. Praise God!

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