Ongoing US Travel Ban on unvaccinated visitors – PRAYER NEEDED

Ongoing US Travel Ban on unvaccinated visitors - PRAYER NEEDED

It is no secret that the past 2.5 years have greatly impacted many industries, businesses and ministries that heavily rely on their international support network.

There were global restrictions, lockdowns, rules, and regulations in place that were applied to the global community, as well as each country and state would issue their own set of Covid-related restrictions.

When it came to traveling, Israel was actually one of the most closed countries for international visitors. However, as the global community began lifting travel bans, entry restrictions, testing requirements, etc., even Israel joined and lifted the remaining restrictions when it came to international visitors, removing even the condition that only vaccinated travelers could enter the country.

Currently, Israel is completely open to our dear international friends and we look forward to having you with us in the land once again shortly. Vaccinated or unvaccinated – Israel welcomes you with open arms.

Unfortunately, that has not been the case with the US. Despite the shift and the lifting of travel bans, the U.S. government has not been willing to lift the travel ban on unvaccinated visitors, even if they would be tested prior.

A few days ago the US government announced it would be lifting the Covid testing requirements on travelers 24 hours prior to entering the US, however, it only applied to vaccinated visitors. Unvaccinated ones were excluded and are still banned from entering the US.

Because the US travel ban on all unvaccinated non-US visitors is still in place and seeing it is not likely to lift any time soon despite the rest of the world opening up, I have not been able to travel to the US and have therefore unfortunately been forced to decline many invitations made by dear friends, churches and organizations, despite them being able to visit us in Israel freely, with no restrictions, regardless of their vaccination status.

Not being able to travel to our ministry offices in the US has been very challenging and something I greatly need your prayers for.

Please pray with me that the travel ban on unvaccinated visitors will be lifted, so I can once again enter the United States, and continue to be a blessing to one another through these personal encounters that were greatly missed.

Please pray for the spirit of freedom in this situation!