Our Israeli Youth are Praying for You!

Recently we went out with our youth to the Negev desert for a special time of prayer for our youth ministry, but also for our international friends. We do not forget about you, and always keep in mind that wherever you are, you might be going through your own challenges in life. You are not alone, nor forgotten. You matter to us more than you know, and we keep you in our special prayers. Just as you are praying for us, supporting us, and making us feel uplifted, we want to do the same for you out of Israel. We are praying for all your needs, for every breakthrough you might need, for God’s victory in your life, as well as for divine protection. We are so grateful for you and your prayers for us, they truly make a big difference! We feel we want to do the same for you, and proclaim the Word of God over you and your life from the land of Israel. Abba, Father; we bless each and every one of our friends in the nations, we’re thankful for the breakthroughs You prepared for them in every area and field. We pray for protection for our friends, that You are always with them, never leaving their side.