Outgiving God is impossible — He designed it that way

During this challenging season we have been able to reach more people in need than ever before, and we were able to do it by going to their doorsteps. Food parcels, clothes, baby supplies, heaters, house & kitchen supplies, medical equipment, walkers, adult diapers, even furniture — we were able to deliver so much to so many.

The more we seemed to give out, the more seemed to be coming in. It’s just the way God work. We can never out-give Him.

Currently we are receiving truckloads of large scale donated goods. Boxes and boxes of every essential you could imagine that makes a big difference to those in need.

We count on an amazing team of volunteers that work long hours without asking for any compensation, loading and unloading truckloads of goods.

A simple piece of equipment — a forklift — worth about $7,000 can change a lot for the hardworking volunteers that tirelessly work to get help to those in need as soon as they unload the deliveries.

If you are able to take part in this purchase of a forklift we need to get, it would be a bigger blessing than you know to those tireless volunteers that work selflessly behind the scenes.

and help us reach our goal of $7,000 today!