Gospel Outreach on the Shores of the Lake of Galilee

Our Galilee Outreach this past Saturday was truly a life-changing moment for over 450 people that turned out for this evangelism event. Initially, we were expecting around 300 people, which in itself is amazing to get that many people for evangelism in Israel, but then the numbers started growing, with more and more people registering and wanting to be a part of this event. We couldn’t be more thankful for this overwhelming response. After all, this evangelism event was organized especially for people to be able to hear and experience the gospel for the first time, and what better place than its origin — the Galilee. It was such a powerful event and we witnessed firsthand just how passionate God is about finding people who seek Him, and how amazingly He came and moved among those who were at the event. God poured a double portion of his anointing that day and it was powerfully tangible! It’s safe to say that it was practically impossible to leave the event untouched. Over 450 non-believers from different cities came together to hear the gospel and encounter their Messiah Yeshua. After the event, we took everybody on a special tour of biblical places, where Yeshua Himself was the best tour guide as we walked in His footsteps. The great privilege of living in the land of Israel, is taking people to biblical places and letting Yeshua do the “talking” – we just open the bible and share with people what happened in the places where they stand, what Yeshua did, said, taught. It touches people’s hearts in the most profound way, which is why these tours have become an integral part of our evangelism outreach events. It’s a way to make the bible come alive for people who have never encountered God before.