Petition Against Antisemitism on University Campuses

Petition Against Antisemitism on University Campuses


To whom it may concern:

We write to you today, hearts heavy and spirits compelled by a profound sense of urgency. The shadow of antisemitism, an evil as ancient as it is abhorrent, has once again reared its head, this time appearing in acts of violence and hatred that tear at the very fabric of our communities.

The actions of Hamas and other terrorists on the morning of Saturday, October 7th, 2023 have created images that are forever seared into our minds. This tragedy is proof that antisemitism is not a relic of history but an insidious evil that festers even today. But the nightmare isn’t restricted to Israel, the danger has arrived on our very doorsteps with growing antisemitism that threatens our society.

Our hearts ache for the stories of Jewish students in American universities who navigate their daily lives cloaked in fear. To bear witness to such a reality within the halls of our academic institutions, places that should stand as bastions of knowledge and tolerance, is nothing short of heartbreaking. This calls for immediate action.

The echoes of history remind us of the vital importance of Israel, not just to the Jewish and Christian communities that cherish its biblical significance, but as a beacon of democracy and peace in the Middle East. Giants of moral courage, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan, have stood in solidarity with Israel and against the tide of antisemitism. 

Now, the mantle of responsibility rests upon our shoulders. 

The essence and legacy of our nation is at stake. How we respond as a people to this abhorrent antisemitism on campuses will determine the future of our great nation. It starts with the actions taken at universities like yours.  

The scriptures are unequivocal: We have a Biblical mandate to bless and protect the people of Israel, the children of Abraham. Romans 15:27 reminds us of our duty to support those from whom we’ve received spiritual blessings, underscoring the importance of assisting Israel in times of need. In Genesis 12:3, God promises Abram, who represented the people of Israel, that he will bless those who bless him – highlighting the promise of mutual blessing and protection of those who care for Israel:

“I will bless those who bless [Israel], And I will curse him who curses [Israel]; And in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Therefore, we call upon Boston University to:

  1. Immediately enforce a zero-tolerance policy towards hate speech and violence, ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students, particularly those of Jewish heritage.
  2. Take a stand against growing antisemitism across your campus. Show the country that your university will not allow itself to be used by left-wing extremists who call for the destruction of the nation of Israel.

In doing so, Boston University will not only reaffirm its commitment to justice but also contribute to a culture of mutual respect. 

Let us unite in our efforts to combat antisemitism and support Israel, guided by our shared values and the wisdom of our religious and ethical traditions.

Thank you for considering this urgent appeal.

Voice of Judah Israel

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