Praise Report! Nazareth Evangelism Outreach

This past weekend we organized a very special evangelism outreach event; something that wasn’t an option for so long due to the pandemic with its many restrictions, lockdowns and uncertainty. It was an amazing crowd of people that had a chance to hear the gospel for the first time in their lives, many of them are refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, and hearing God’s Word had a significant impact on them. When I shared from the Word, I was so moved to see people’s touching responses. In the end, we prayed Sinner’s Prayer inviting people to pray, when an overwhelming 70% of the people in attendance stood up, closed their eyes, and wholeheartedly prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts. It was a true celebration of victory and freedom in the Lord. So many lives were changed that day, so many people invited Yeshua to come into their lives, which only shows us we’re living in truly prophetic times when the people of Israel are turning back to their God! Here are a few highlights:
You were a part of it! Thanks to your unwavering support, prayers and love we are able to continue reaching people with the gospel of Yeshua. We couldn’t do it without you! Together we are impacting the whole nation of Israel. Please consider becoming actively involved in our ongoing evangelism outreach campaign, until “…all Israel shall be saved!” (Romans 11:26)