Preparing for IDF Service as a Believer — Guy Pochtar’s Testimony

As a pastor, I’m blessed not only with two amazing sons, but also two servants of the Lord who have devoted their lives since a very young age to serving God in Israel and bringing the knowledge of Christ to this nation.

My youngest son Guy’s journey has been a special one. Having been called to the ministry at an early age, he has been a vital part of our youth ministry, serving as a spiritual leader to many young people. Now, at the age of 18, he is set to join IDF to complete his military service, as is required of all Israeli youth.

Every young Israeli boy or girl faces a new season in their life when they graduate high school. While in many countries, including the U.S., that season is college, the reality is different here in Israel. Our youth must face a new season that is unique and unlike any other for other 18-year-olds around the world. 

The new season is called: mandatory 3-year army service. It isn’t voluntary or optional and is practically unpaid. However, that is one of our civic duties living in a country like Israel, whose survival often depends on the strength of our defense forces, composed of mainly young people like my son Guy. 

What makes this new season even more unique is when believers in Yeshua join the IDF, their journey becomes even more challenging. 

The idea for making this video with Guy was to share and give you an inside look into the hearts and lives of young Israeli believers as they start this new chapter of their lives called: IDF service and what are the spiritual, mental, and emotional challenges they will face. 

We’re excited to offer you this opportunity to give you a glimpse into an otherwise unknown part of our lives as Israelis when we prepare to send our sons and daughters to the army, as well as their own struggles as they face the world as adults in this unique way, as defenders of the nation of Israel. Be blessed by the video above.