Helping young women choose life

We are actively involved with a pro-life organization in Israel called “Be’ad Chaim” (“Pro Life”). It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of mothers and unborn children. We are helping and ministering to single mothers who seek to terminate their pregnancy.

We are regularly contacted by young women, who seek to have an abortion, but were doubtful and were willing to meet and talk about their decision. Many of these young women are good people who simply lost their way, have made wrong decisions and many times come from broken homes and fatherless families, and have no idea of what a normal family is like.

In Israel abortion is legal and they are done free of charge at any hospital. Often the doctors even encourage and convince young unwed (and even wed) women to terminate pregnancies if they think circumstances call for it. Despite the fact that people in Israel love children, and large families are very common here, the abortion percentage is still extremely high in relation to other countries in the world.

We seek to reach a helping hand to women who struggle with the decision to keep their unborn child, assisting them with practical needs while showing them God’s love for them and their unborn child.