Prophetic Dedication

Opening New Doors

Ashkelon was the oldest and largest seaport in Canaan and 1 of the 5 cities of the Philistines (Joshua 13:3; 1 Samuel 6:17). Once ruled by a brother of Goliath, it has been a city of intense physical and spiritual strongholds. Overcoming these strongholds to build His house has been an extreme challenge, but the Lord is faithful to see His work through.

After months of prayer, spiritual warfare, preparation, and hard work, we are overjoyed to announce that the new house of worship in Ashkelon is completed and now officially open. The Lord has been faithful to us to see the completion of this space that will provide a peaceful and secure location for our growing population to gather for worship.

There’s a beautiful passage in the Bible in the book of Zephaniah:

The land by the sea will be for the rest of the children of Judah; by the sea they will give their flocks food: in the houses of Ashkelon they will take their rest in the evening; for the Lord their God will take them in hand and their fate will be changed.

Zephaniah 2:7

Our new facility is a prophetic fulfillment of this verse. It will provide a spiritual rest for those we minister to, as well as a place of rest of peace and safety from our enemies.

The importance of this move to this bigger and safer underground bomb shelter cannot be understated. The recent war with the Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza was a reminder of how much we are hated by our enemy and the increased need for a safe place to worship and grow the body of Yeshua, unhindered by the frequent rocket and missile attacks from Gaza.

Ashkelon is often one of the hardest-hit areas due to its proximity to the Gaza border. After this latest round of attacks, the people are desperate now for hope and safety, especially those who had just recently made aliyah from Ukraine and Russia. To them, our congregation in provides a sanctuary where they can feel safe.

This site holds a special place in Pastor Israel’s heart. “God gave me a vision almost 20 years ago for this region and city, about the transformation we are witnessing in Ashkelon. As a senior pastor, I’m always especially grateful and blessed when a new church opens its door. Especially in the biblical city of Ashkelon, that is mentioned at least 9 times and has a rich history with deep significance.”

 We have been operating in Ashkelon for many years through humanitarian outreach, discipleship, Bible studies, home groups, etc. However, this is the first Beit Hallel Congregation that will have weekly worship services led by Pastor Eitan and Julia.

Ashkelon has an amazing future ahead, but we need partners that will help build and grow this congregation to reach thousands of Israelis with the Gospel of Yeshua. If you have a passion for missions and planting churches in Israel is in your heart, please consider becoming a partner in the Lord’s work.

Thank you and God bless!