Choosing Purpose over Privilege

Purim - Choosing Purpose over PrivilegeTomorrow we celebrate Purim, which is a deeply significant and prophetic feast that marks God’s deliverance of His people, as well as the triumph of good over evil. Purim shifts our focus from our privilege to our purpose.

Purim is the story of Esther – a young Jewish girl who 2600 years ago found herself in a position of great privilege when she was chosen to be the king’s wife during the time when her people were threatened with annihilation. With the encouragement and help of her uncle, Mordecai, she risked her life appearing before the king to plead and intercede for the people of Israel, uncovering her identity as a Jew, confronting and revealing the plan of destruction of the Jewish people and the evil man behind it, Haman.

The book of Esther is not only a profound lesson to us all as believers, especially here in Israel, but it is also a prophetic book very much relevant to us today. When a nation’s very existence is threatened, we have to assume our calling as the “Esthers” of this world and stand against the enemy’s evil destructive plan. It is up to us as believers more so than anyone else, to recognize evil and to stand against it, while interceding for God’s deliverance, just as Esther was urged to do 2600 years ago.

Purim is to be celebrated in remembrance of how Israel was delivered when God used the courage of one young woman. All it takes is the courage of one believer! And we are certainly more than one.

The story of Esther and the feast of Purim also teaches us that even if you do good and serve God, you will still have enemies, you will still encounter obstacles and opposition, just like the nation of Israel did.

It also teaches us that whatever the enemy might plan against us, God will always deliver us, no matter what. A man might plot, but God will always prevail.

What a profound prophetic meaning, especially in today’s horrible situation. We can take comfort in knowing God will always have the upper hand over evil. But in times like these, the Lord needs allies, Esthers, who will recognize the times and will choose purpose over privilege.