Purim – Season of Deliverance

With the prophetic feast of Purim only a week away, Israel is starting to receive the first Jewish refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Purim has a very deep significance, revealing how even one person can stand in the gap and intercede for an entire nation, and it will be delivered.

There are so many of us, believers in Yeshua, children of God, partakes of His Kingdom, that currently stand in the gap and intercede for the deliverance of an entire nation from the same horrors of war that the Jewish people experienced themselves 80 years ago.

Beit Hallel has been working non-stop since the war broke out, on logistics, groundwork in affected areas in Ukraine, sending aid to the borders, liaising with local churches in Ukraine that are currently on the frontline of this terrible war.

The work they do is incredible, especially in light of what they themselves have to endure. However their network is amazing, and they are able to reach and connect with small local churches in remote areas that are in dire need right now, ones no one else can reach.

This is why it is crucial to us to team up specifically with local churches and congregations in Ukraine, whom we’ve known, visited and received here for many years, ones we have always worked with, knowing them that this crucial aid is going exactly where it is most needed.

There’s an overwhelming amount of help needed there, as many people are left with no electricity, no water, no heating, all while hiding in basements of old apartment buildings in cold winter conditions. There are so many needs and so much we can do to help!

We need your generosity as never before geared towards helping people in this terrible humanitarian crisis!

While we are working alongside churches in Ukraine, with their teams of volunteers mobilized all over, we are also receiving the first Jewish refugees from Ukraine here in Ashdod.

Entire families are thankful they were able to get out and arrive safely in Israel. But they have nothing more than the clothes on their backs! We are currently working overtime to provide them with even the most basic things, like pillows, blankets, clothes, diapers, etc.

The need is so overwhelming right now, that any help is a tremendous blessing! Whether you chose to help us send aid to Ukraine through local Ukrainian churches we are working with, or support the Jewish refugee families arriving by the dozens in Israel every day — know this is also a way to stand in the gap for a nation, just like Esther did, bringing about the deliverance of a whole nation.