Pushing Onwards and Upwards with the first Christian-Owned Building in Ashdod!

In the video, you will see that God is doing something special with the preparation of our new sanctuary here in Ashdod, Israel. The transformation is happening very rapidly, and we can barely contain our excitement to see its completion! 

Scripture states in Psalms 127:1, “Unless the LORD builds the house, They labor in vain who build it.” It is evident in the rapid progress the Lord has great plans for this facility.

The seed for this first-ever Christian building here in Ashdod, Israel, was planted by the Lord, watered by the Lord, and raised up by the Lord. We are merely His hands and feet preparing the way for the Lord. God is on the move in Israel, and revival is in the making! Small fires have begun all across Israel, and the laborers are being sent out into the fields to fan the flames. 

This new sanctuary will have many purposes. It will not only be a place of worship for hundreds of Israelis every week, but also a revival center where Israeli believers and the youth will be discipled, leaders and ministers will be raised, and from which new congregations will be pioneered, Even though it is only a building of stone and wood, the true strength of the sanctuary lies in what God is investing in its prophetic future.

We are currently finalizing the construction of the front stage and rigging and installing acoustic panels around the hall. The next step of our renovations will entail installing the windows we ordered and starting work on the ceiling regarding wiring, air-conditioning, lighting, and ceiling tiles.

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us and sowing a seed of ANY AMOUNT towards preparing this habitation for the Lord in Ashdod, Israel? Let’s join hands as One New Man in Christ and usher in revival in Israel!