Reconciliation Conference in Turkey and unexpected ban and deportation of Pastor Israel

Reconciliation Conference in Turkey and unexpected ban and deportation of Pastor Israel

Every year we are invited to take part in an important Reconcile Middle East conference taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. We always go as a team and it is an amazing time of fellowship, prayer, worship and encouragement for the many pastors who come from all over the Middle East.

The testimonies we have heard along the years, the love that God placed in the hearts of these precious pastors towards Israel, even while living in a Muslim nation that hates Israel, the stories of miraculous salvations of Muslims, the amazing way Yeshua is working in the Middle East, which you would never see or hear of in the news.

This conference is unique and absolutely necessary for us, especially in today’s world where we see how animosity can transform into a full-scale war.

As a pastor in Israel, I was invited to speak to Middle Eastern pastors at the conference and encourage them, sharing about the work we do in the Land and the importance of standing steadfast even in the midst of persecutions.

Unfortunately, upon arrival in Turkey, I was taken by the authorities, and after several hours I was finally informed that there is a lifetime ban on my entry to Turkey, I was denied entry and said I was being deported back to Israel without giving me any specific reason as to why I was blacklisted and denied entry.

It is a definite spiritual attack, and the reason for such fierce resistance can only be the gospel. Turkey is a very strategic country for the gospel because even though it’s a Muslim country, it is also one of the most secular and free countries in our region, which enabled us to meet with many Middle Eastern pastors and leaders that we would be able to meet otherwise.

I will be consulting a lawyer to see about lifting this unreasonable ban, so I am able to travel to Turkey at a later date. Please pray for this situation!

The rest of our team: Youth Pastors Sason and Eli arrived at the conference without issues, and are currently there, serving, praying, encouraging and building strong relationships with pastors from all over the Middle East. Also pray for their time there!

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