Discovering the Gift

After their country was invaded by Russia a year ago, Shoshana and Dima decided it was time to embark on their journey to make Aliyah to Israel. With hearts full of hope and determination, they made arrangements to leave everything behind to embrace a future in Israel.

The decision to uproot your life and move to another county is not easy for anyone, but when you are older, it becomes even more of a challenge. In a time when most people their age are looking to settle into the peaceful years of retirement, Shoshana and Dima were now looking to move to a completely foreign environment where they would be starting their lives over completely. They had no idea the difficulties they would face.

When they arrived in Israel, Shoshana and Dima sought out friends in Ashdod who invited them to stay until the couple found a place of their own. It was not long before they became overwhelmed with the enormity of what starting over meant. Between the extreme high cost of living and the language barrier, the couple began to sink into despair. They could not see any light in the darkness of their struggles.

Fortunately, the friends they were living with were familiar with the Humanitarian Aid Program that the Voice of Judah Israel/Beit Hallel Congregation offered to new Olim (immigrants) and quickly put them in touch with our team to seek assistance.

After speaking with Shoshana and her husband about what they were experiencing, we invited them to join one of our evangelism campaigns as well as our Biblical tours to Jerusalem. Excited, they quickly agreed, hoping this would be a way to connect with other new immigrants and find acceptance in the community. Little did they know that these events would be the catalyst that would awaken a desire in them that would change their lives forever. A desire to know God!

In the past, Shoshana and Dima had always struggled with the concept of a loving and good God. It was just not something that ever heard of or experienced. At our evangelism event, they experienced the love of Yeshua firsthand. Deeply affected, Shoshana and Dima wanted to know more, so they scheduled a meeting with us to discuss some questions that were on their hearts. Our follow-up team members, Hanna and Eliezer, sat down with them to answer their questions and to pray with them at the Beit Hallel facility. 

They asked about the path of salvation that leads to heaven, wanting to know what was required of them. We shared the gospel message of the grace and love of the Savior, as well as our personal testimonies of salvation. They could hardly believe what they were hearing. Redemption was a free gift from God! There was only one requirement; earnestly repenting of your sins. By this simple act of faith, you will receive Yeshua as your Lord and Savior.

Shoshana and Dima quickly responded that they were ready to receive this gift. We all held hands as they prayed the prayer of repentance with us. Their faces radiated peace after they accepted Yeshua. Their smiles told us more than their words ever could.

Shoshana and Dima had found the acceptance they had been looking for since arriving in Israel. They also found friends among the believers from our community, building encouraging friendships that lift them up during their hard times. They’re a completely different couple, transformed by the power of love.

At Voice of Judah Israel, we believe in the power of partnerships and the impact they have for the Kingdom God. We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives and hearts of people across the land of Israel. With your support, we can continue to reach people like Shoshana and Dima with the love and message of the Savior.