Releasing God’s blessing on the Saints in Israel
Currently, we are celebrating the Sukkot week, and it’s a very joyful time in Israel when the whole house of Israel resides in their Sukka (Tabernacle), spending time together, singing and praying, while eating the fruits of the land. As a Messianic community and congregation, our focus this season is on the poor and needy among the messianic believers in Israel. It’s a biblical principle, and the book of Acts tells us that when prophet Agabus prophesied about the famine that was coming to the land, the difficult year that believers could expect, the apostles decided to take up a special offering for the “saints in Jerusalem”, to help brethren in the Land. That is our focus, to bless and be a blessing to the local believers in Israel that are struggling, to make this feast a truly joyful one for everyone. We invite you to join us in blessing the believers in Yeshua in Israel who are going through a difficult time. Let’s release God’s blessing and witness how God is moving and touching lives, and revealing His glory.

Give TODAY, as we pray that God will also release His mighty blessing over your life.

Sukkot Same’ach! Happy Feast of Tabernacles!