RescUA Mission to Ukraine – Choosing to be Light in the Midst of Darkness

As our team closes the first week of their RescUA Mission to Ukraine, delivering crucial and much-needed humanitarian relief in most impacted areas, we begin to process all that was accomplished. We are humbled by all God enabled us to do in that short amount of time and the many suffering people we were able to provide with comfort and aid. We know this was only possible because of amazing and generous donors like you who have a heart for doing God’s work. 

It’s one thing to be unaffected when you see the devastation and destruction from a safe distance, but once our team arrived and faced just how profound the destruction is and how deep the need is, they knew this mission had God’s heart all over it.

Bringing crucial humanitarian aid such as generators, blankets, heaters, and food to people who are sitting in darkness right now, without electricity or heat, and seeing their tears of gratitude, blessed us as much as them. 

It is easy to think that giving a small amount from the little you have won’t make a significant impact. However, when you see this video and realize how far and wide even the smallest donation reaches, you see you are blessing people who are suffering more than you can imagine. What you’ve done isn’t ordinary; it’s EXTRAORDINARY!

The journey isn’t over yet, and our team is not finished. Our mission is to reach the hurting and help restore a sense of hope. To hold them, cry with them, encourage them, laugh with them and love them with the heart of Jesus while we have this opportunity. 

This is a crucial mission, one we hope you will join and support us with. We are called to be His “hands and feet.” Consider supporting our ministry and praying for us as we continue on our journey to be a comfort to God’s people.

Comfort, comfort  My people,” says your God.

Isaiah 40:1