Revival through one miraculous encounter with Yeshua

In Mark 5 Yeshua meets a demon possessed man who lived in a cemetery among tombs. Even chains couldn’t hold him down because he was so possessed by demonic powers. But in this place where I stand, his life was radically transformed.

When Yeshua saw him, He walked up to him and delivered him from the demonic hold. Demons that left him went into a nearby herd of swine.

What happened next is remarkable: this man’s deliverance was followed by a revival in this region. He didn’t return to dwell among the dead, in the tombstones, he was now free! He went around and just shared about what Yeshua had done for him, the freedom He gave him. That’s when revival came to this place.

That is my prayer: this little place by the Sea of Galilee saw amazing revival because of one miracle during one encounter with Yeshua. I pray God uses your life for His glory, and that through one person — YOU, revival will come to your area, wherever you are, changing and delivering many lives.