Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

Discovering Freedom

Hell on earth! That is what Lena felt she had been going through. In the six years since her divorce, she had faced challenges that would break almost anyone. She wondered if she would ever be free of the suffering she had been enduring. Could peace even be found?

Life had always been difficult for Lena. The man she had married in Ukraine, had developed a serious addiction to hard drugs during their time together. Although she did all she could to help him, he chose divorce rather than seek rehabilitation. This left Lena reeling, struggling with depression, anxiety, and feeling lost without her husband. She had thought she hit rock bottom, then the war in Ukraine broke out.

The war made life unbearable for Lena. The constant fear of rocket attacks left her emotionally and spiritually drained. Fear became an ever-present enemy that weighed her down. She knew she needed to make a change. Encouraged by her mother, who already lived in Israel, Lena made the choice to make Aliyah (pilgrimage) to Israel. Little did she know the difficulties and challenges she would face coming to a new country with a different language and culture.

Lena worked very hard at trying to fit into her new environment in Ashdod. She poured herself into studying Hebrew while working part-time. But, no matter how hard she tried or the medications she took, the depression hung on. Lena reached out to her mother who was attending our Messianic congregation in Be’er Sheva. Lena poured out her heart to her mother, Sveta, and admitted that she needed peace and release from the all-consuming depression and anxiety in her life. 

Sveta immediately got in touch with our outreach team at Beit Hallel, with whom she was acquainted, to ask if we would meet with her daughter. She explained her situation and how she was desperate for freedom from her depression and anxiety. We quickly sent Hannah, one of our team members, to meet with Lena at her apartment.

When Hannah entered the apartment, she sensed that Lena was carrying a heavy burden. Her eyes were very sad, and her hands were trembling. Hannah immediately began the share the Gospel and how freedom could be found in Jesus. By His sacrifice on the cross, He took on our sins, burdens, weaknesses, and sicknesses. She went on to explain that Jesus was standing with open arms, just waiting for her to respond to Him in faith and to receive Him as her Lord and Savior.

It didn’t take much convincing for Lena. She had always known that she needed God’s forgiveness and salvation but had always been too afraid to approach him in prayer. Hannah explained to her that God wanted us to approach His throne boldly, as a child would draw near to his father. Then she asked Lena if she would join in the prayer of salvation, repenting of all sin, and inviting Jesus into her heart. She answered with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Lena’s voice resounded with deep sincerity and desperation as she prayed. Hannah looked up to see tears in the woman’s eyes and a serene expression on her face. She had received peace she had been searching for, telling Hannah that weight had been lifted off her shoulders. The Lord had taken Lena into His arms and would never let her down. She was home. 

Lena started attending our Shabbat service and home group meetings. She has finally and has found a family that supports her and that prays for her. Her exciting journey as a new person in Jesus had just begun. Please stand with us in prayer for Lena that she grows in her faith and knowledge of God. Amen!

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