Russia Threatens to Close the Door on the Exodus

Russia Threatens to Close the Door on the Exodus

It’s hard to witness the unfolding current events and not recognize the prophetic times we’re living in.

Russia is taking yet another step towards total isolation by banning Jewish Agency’s operations across the country. This will leave thousands of Russian Jews without the possibility to apply for Aliyah to Israel and exercise their Right of Return.

The ongoing war in Ukraine has not only created the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of the 21 century, it has also created another crisis within Russia. Some are due to the sanctions, but most are mainly due to government oppression of democracy, freedom and human rights within Russia.

Quite a lot has been prophesied about this very day back in the 90’s, when prophets warned that a day would come that Russia’s door to exodus world would close and Russian Jews would no longer be able to leave, much like during the times of the Iron Curtain.

While all this unfolds, as believers, we cannot ignore what we are witnessing before our eyes nor deny the prophetic times we’re living in and the part we play in this.

There’s a lot you can do to ensure you’re plugged into God’s unfolding plan:

  1. Prayer and intercession is our most powerful tool currently. Stand as watchmen on His walls and pray prophetically over this situation.
  2. Support ongoing wave of Aliyah from both Ukraine and Russia, as Jewish people are anxiously trying to return to Israel (as part of ancient biblical prophecies).
  3. Sow into humanitarian projects geared towards helping newly immigrated Jewish families in Israel, so tomorrow they can stand and help others as well.
  4. Share with your friends, church and community about the current unfolding events, and the importance of recognizing prophetic times we’re living in, as well as supporting Israel right now, all part of God’s greater plan for mankind in the last days.