Sacred Connections

Have you ever been to a place so anointed you feel a powerful connection with God?

The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is a place where ordinary people have experienced extraordinary events for thousands of years. Stories abound of prayers being answered, illnesses being healed, and impossible situations being resolved. It is a place of miracles and answered prayers!

King Solomon, widely known for his wisdom and spiritual connection to God, prayed in this very place. At the dedication of the first temple, he prayed a powerful prayer prophesying that all nations would someday come to this place seeking God, and God would honor their prayers. A prophecy that is coming true today!

…listen from your home in heaven and answer their prayers. Then everyone on earth will worship you, just like your people Israel, and they will know that I have built this temple to honor You.

1 Kings 8:43

The Western Wall is the last remaining part of the Second Temple, which was destroyed in 70 AD. This remaining wall in Jerusalem is a reminder that although the temple was destroyed, along with all of Jerusalem, it is now rebuilt and unified. It also reminds us that even when even when God’s children are divided, whether politically or geographically, we can be renewed and reunified.

All things can be used for God’s glory. Out of the horrific event Israel experienced in October, has come a connection, a SACRED connection. People from all over the globe are now united, praying and worshipping their God with one voice. Jews, along with foreigners (Christians) are coming together at the Wall to worship the Lord and pray for the peace of Israel. It is just as foretold by King Solomon in his dedication prayer of the first temple.

Pastor Israel visits the Western Wall often to pray for you and his people!

In his words:

Christians have played such a crucial role in my life, personally.
I pray for my Christian brothers and sisters in the nations, in the name of Jesus, as I stand in this holy place, that you will hear, honor, and answer their prayers. I pray for miracles and wonders, for their families to be blessed and restored, for provision and YOUR heavenly direction for their lives. In this place so many kings and people of God received answers to their prayers and guidance for their lives, so I pray for those who are looking for direction, bless them, Lord! Help them to hear Your voice, touch their hearts and bring them healing,
in Jesus’ name.”

Our VOJI team in Israel and in the US frequently prays over our partners. Do you have a specific prayer you would like us to pray for you? Please email your request to [email protected].

If you have not joined our community, please prayerfully consider partnering with VOJI to become part of the sacred connection that binds us with Israel. It is through our love they will experience the love of Yeshua!