Security Gates project
Help Secure Our New Building

In Nehemiah 7 we learn that the wall the nation was building was completed about the completion of the wall that was built, after which people were placed in strategic positions on the wall. Some were watchmen, and some were placed as GATEKEEPERS. 
Those are God’s protectors who guard the entrance to the gate. In the Old Testament, Gatekeepers were appointed to watch over God’s house, making sure nothing unholy entered. 
We are now in the final steps of completions of our new congregation building, as like in the book of Nehemiah, we are gearing up to put up gates that will protect the house of God in Ashdod. 
Building a congregation awakens joy, but putting up gates awakens a sense of alertness, because it forces us to take a deeper look into the importance of protecting God’s property, and we understand why the role of gatekeepers in the bible was so indispensable and crucial. 
Two gates need to be built and installed at the two entrances of our new building; Jerusalem Gate & Jaffa Gate, Each costs $10,000
They will be put up to protect Beit Hallel Congregation’s new building, that after 10 years of dreaming and praying, finally became a reality. But we do need to protect it. 
We’re initiating The Gatekeepers Project where we invite you to consider becoming a gatekeeper of Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashdod by financially supporting the work of building our gates. We also want to honor those who wish to become our precious gatekeepers by placing a plaque with your name in Hebrew on our gates, as a testimony to the unbreakable bond between Beit Hallel Congregation and its faithful gatekeepers from the nations. 
Any gift will be honored, to ensure we give God all the glory. Please click below to become a part of this project. 
Thank you and God bless,
Pastor Israel Pochtar