Sending our Team to the Ukrainian Border

Sending our Team to the Ukrainian Border

The Lord has opened a door for us to mobilize and send a team from our Israeli staff and volunteers to the Ukrainian border to help in receiving and aiding Ukrainian refugees. Our team will split into two groups who will be heading to the Polish and Moldova borders with Ukraine, to set up bases of operation for the two-pronged exodus of refugees from Ukraine.

We will be collaborating with local churches to receive, comfort, and aid those fleeing the brutal and merciless Russian assault on Ukraine. Our team members will also be preparing the ground for additional Israeli and international believers who will come to volunteer at the borders of Ukraine. You are most welcome to join our people on the ground there! Let us know if you’re interested!

We will also be focused on directing Jewish refugees from Ukraine, in aiding them to make aliyah to Israel where they will be received as part of Israel’s family and where they can start their new lives in safety and security. In this way, we will be aiding the Jewish Agency in its role of relocating Jewish refugees to Israel.

The individuals whom we are mobilizing to the borders of Ukraine are ready, willing, and able! They have vast experience in receiving, aiding, counseling, and praying for Ukrainian refugees and immigrants who’ve come to Israel over the past number of years. They also speak Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, and English, and so will be able to communicate and understand accurately how to be of service to Ukraine’s refugees, especially those who are Jewish.

To stand with us in providing aid to these precious souls fleeing Ukraine, please prayerfully consider making a donation, thank you!