Shining God’s light where it is most needed – Hanukkah Relief Project
Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication/Festival of Lights) is right around the corner and we are planning a special way to celebrate, by shining God’s light on those who need it most. We are organizing a big Hanukkah outreach project at the end of this month to bless new immigrants, their families, and children with much-needed Hanukkah Care Packages with food, clothing, and toys. The festive season is supposed to be a time of celebration, warm family gatherings, exchanging gifts with our loved ones in order to remind us of the Greatest Gift of all that we received in Yeshua. However, it is also a very difficult time for many children of recently immigrated families who simply can’t afford many of the basic essentials we take for granted. We want to make this Hanukkah, a true festival of lights for them and show that no matter how dark it may seem, God’s light will always shine brighter. Generosity and kindness are God’s traits, we are simply called to walk in His footsteps and resemble Him in His character. Would you consider giving to our Hanukkah Project to help one family with a gift of $50 that will provide them with a much-needed holiday care package filled with essentials? With over 300 families desperately needing our help this holiday season, it’s quite a challenge, but it’s one that God stands behind and will provide for! You can help us reach that goal by blessing 10 families with a gift of $500, or 20 families with a gift of $1000. May God’s light shine brightly through your generosity.