Simchat Torah — Joy in the Word of God
There is no better way to conclude the festive season of the High Holidays in Israel than to celebrate the Word of God that was given to us. That is what Simchat Torah is all about, a very joyous little feast that concludes all the fall festivals with a great celebration of the giving of the Law to the people of Israel. Tradition says that was the day God gave us His Word: the Torah, the commandments. It is celebrated in Israel with tremendous joy. People take out the big Torah scrolls from where they are kept in the synagogues and carry them singing and dancing out into the streets, praising the Lord for giving His people the Torah (teaching, instructions, law — His word), because that is what changed our lives. The giving of the Torah brought down heavenly blessings along with godly standards on earth. You have God’s Torah in your hands, the Bible, the Word of the Living God — if that’s not cause for celebration, what is? Can you even imagine your life without the Bible? People throughout generations laid down their lives trying to protect and preserve the Torah given to us by God so that the future generations will have access to the Word of God as it was given to the people of Israel many generations ago. Rejoice in your Bible as you read it, do not take it for granted, praise the Lord for His heavenly revelations, and for sending us Yeshua — the Word of God that became Man and dwelt among us.